When Do You Need A Permit For A Skip And How Do You Get One

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If you are planning to hire a skip for your home and do not have a driveway or garden area to set it on. You may need to place it on the property which is owned by the council, in that case, you will require a permit for skip from your local authority. A Skip permit can be acquired through local council and skip permit application is to be submitted directly from authorized skip companies.


When Do I Need a Skip Permit?

If the skip is being kept on your own personal space like garden area or lane you won’t need a permit. However, if the skip is to be kept in public space you will need one.


Cost of a Skip Permit

A skip license will have a different cost depending on the local council’s policies. It is calculated to be £30 a week on an average. Most skips are calculated and charged per week, for either one, two or four weeks and can also be renewed at additional cost as per the requirement.


Procedure to Get a Skip Permit?

Firstly a license must be applied at local district council. Several councils give the option to the skip hire company to obtain the permit for the customer they deal with the paperwork and other formalities. The charges are added to your costs at the end. A few days are needed to process the permit and some councils do not allow skip hire intervention. It is good to provide plenty of time and cross check the details before the arrival of skips.

The permits are not approved automatically. The council will need information like the skip’s size, contents, and location into account, as well as the duration it will be in place for. There are few regulations that must be met for skips itself like its visibility with safety lights and reflective markings.

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