How To Hire a Skip and Use It Safely

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When you are planning to hire a skip to remove waste from your house, garage or even garden, you should be aware of the environmental and safety regulations associated with skip hire that may affect you.This article shares some of the issues regarding domestic skip hire and also focuses on the risks you could put yourself and others at if they are not taken care at the right time.


Cost of a Skip Permit

A skip license will have a different cost depending on the local council’s policies.It is calculated to be £30 a week on an average. Most skips are calculated and charged per week, for either one, two or four weeks and can also be renewed at additional cost as per the requirement.


Procedure to Get a Skip Permit

Firstly a license must be applied at local district council. Several councils give the option to the skip hire company to obtain the permit for the customer they deal with the paperwork and other formalities. The charges are added to your costs at the end. A few days are needed to process the permit and some councils do not allow skip hire intervention. It is good to provide plenty of time and cross check the details before the arrival of skips.

 The permits are not approved automatically. The council will need information like the skip’s size, contents, and location into account, as well as the duration it will be in place for. There are few regulations that must be met for skips itself like its visibility with safety lights and reflective markings.


What can I put in a skip?

The best answer is what should not be put in a skip.People, those are planning to hire a skip for domestic work are prohibited from putting the following items into a skip:



3.Oil and other accelerates




7.Medical and clinical waste


This is not a complete list but it has covered the main areas of waste that are considered to be a risk to the health of people or environment. If any of these items are found in your skip, either by accident or fly tipping, the skip hire company will not remove the skip or can also charge you additionally for removing the toxic waste.


Duration to hire a skip

The duration of time you need to hire a skip is usually flexible depending on the supplier. If the skip is kept on the street, you need to check about the permit and any other parking suspension fee for that particular duration.

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